Part 3!

Tudor is churning out the links to our Let’s Play, it’s fun and games all round! Watch, Laugh, Mock!!!!!

Let’s Play Halo 4 – Part 3: Forerunner

Also, to any of you that have played the Walking Dead game, check out the add-on ‘400 Days’ it’s a very clever little DLC that really adds to the whole experience.

Let’s Play!!!!

So I’ve been busy a lot recently, but I did a ‘Let’s Play’ of Halo 4 with my old buddy Tudor for Big Red Barrell, he’s finally uploading them so I’m gonna be posting the links here.

Please keep in mind I’m a super nerd, and in these videos…we’re drinking a lot 😛

Let’s Play Halo 4 – Part 1: Dawn

Online Gaming: Love/Hate Relationship


So tomorrow evening (well this evening actually as I’m writing this at 2am) I’ll be joining my buddies Joe and Tudor for our ‘at random, monthly possibly bi-monthly Halo fest’ whereby the 3 of us meet at Tudor’s place, fire up his Halo Reach themed xbox and have a crack at some multiplayer. Now this is an awesome little tradition that I love attending, there are sadly some issues, one in particular.

I suck at online gaming, like REALLY suck at it. At this point in time Joe is level 135 or something, Tudor is sitting at about 50? or 60? I, the proud South African boy, am sitting on level…..30? maybe? See I don’t get an awful lot of time for gaming, but that’s still a ridiculously low number in a game mode that I’m told doesn’t get truly interesting until around level 50. I completed Halo 4’s story and played some multiplayer, then got distracted by other games. I play the online for Halo only when I go to Tudor’s, cue laughter from those two whenever they see that I’m still a low level.

Now I’d like to say it’s all down to me not having enough time to play, sadly my ability doesn’t help either. I play games for their story and while I’m passable at some games (except the Metal Gear and Assassin’s Creed series’, I rock at those) I tend to have trouble adjusting to the whole ‘that Spartan is being controlled by a human with way too much time on their hands’ as opposed to mocking the stupid A.I. controlled Grunts.

So I love the cool connection the 3 of us have with Halo and how into it we all are and how it’s our little tradition, but I hate going through 3 games of Big Team Slayer with a kill/death ratio so bad it would have cost an entire team their lives if it were ever allowed into a real combat situation.

Doesn’t stop me from coming back to it every time.

Still don’t take my word for it, next Friday I’ll be at Tudor’s again for a Halo session and this time we’ll be recording it as a ‘Let’s Play’ so I’ll put the link up and you can all see how bad I am.

Be gentle with your laughter and criticisms please…