Dear Marvel

I love you guys, I really do. My childhood was built almost entirely on the comic books you created and my adult life is run mostly on the fuel of excitement brought on by the cinematic universe you created. You are geniuses.

However, I hate spoilers, and your new subtitle frenzy in all your movies is really fucking with the joy I usually feel toward you.

The rest of the non-nerd world is eagerly and curiously awaiting the explanations of what ‘Winter Soldier’ ‘Age Of Ultron’ and ‘Days of Future Past’ mean, but what about us nerds who know what these things mean and have now had the story lines to upcoming movies ruined by your inability to understand how big those words are?

I mean seriously guys, I’m a super nerd and you’ve just revealed that some of the stories I’ve memorized through years of re-reading them are the basis of what will arguably be 3 of the biggest comic book movies of the next 2 years.

I can avoid trailers, posters, interviews etc but I can’t avoid the title of the film.

Sort it out Marvel, we don’t want spoilers.


Part 3!

Tudor is churning out the links to our Let’s Play, it’s fun and games all round! Watch, Laugh, Mock!!!!!

Let’s Play Halo 4 – Part 3: Forerunner

Also, to any of you that have played the Walking Dead game, check out the add-on ‘400 Days’ it’s a very clever little DLC that really adds to the whole experience.

Robots! Aliens! Magic! A review


Guillermo Del Toro is easily one of the most interesting and visual directors ever, I have felt this way since Blade 2 entered the list of ‘Sequels that beat the original’ and this opinion has never changed. I have seen every single movie he has ever made. Now even though his movies are normally poignant and sentimental in some way, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Pacific Rim is literally an all action, very little substance film. It.Is.Awesome!!!!

SPOILERS! (but not too many cos I want people to go see this movie)

An inter-dimensional portal opens at the bottom of the Pacific ocean and through it appear massive (and I mean MASSIVE) Aliens called Kaiju that make Godzilla look like a pet lizard. They are so cool!!!! Del Toro has always been a genius with creature design and this movie doesn’t disappoint. Long story short, Humanity rally together and build Jagers, giant robots that they use to fight the Kaiju.

This is a robots vs giant aliens movie, plain and simple, but don’t take that the wrong way, this isn’t some SyFy channel B-movie, this is huge production value, big stars, amazing fight choreography, FUN!

This evening I just got back from watching ‘Now You See Me’ but seeing as the film is based around misdirection and secrecy and NO SPOILERS, I will say this: You remember The Prestige? Yeah? Good, you remember how it was dark and mature and intense? Well ‘Now you see me’ is…well…not. It’s loud, flashy, optimistic and very very cool.

GO WATCH BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s Play!!!!

So I’ve been busy a lot recently, but I did a ‘Let’s Play’ of Halo 4 with my old buddy Tudor for Big Red Barrell, he’s finally uploading them so I’m gonna be posting the links here.

Please keep in mind I’m a super nerd, and in these videos…we’re drinking a lot 😛

Let’s Play Halo 4 – Part 1: Dawn

oooh exciting!

I’ve been meaning to write a book for years, it’s on my bucket list and I finally got myself up and running, ideas are pouring out of my head, I wish I could share it with you all but if I do it’ll be spoilers 😛

I’m 3 chapters in already, I’ll share what I can when I can.


So Excited!


To Soothe The Savage Beast

Got a whole bunch of songs I cannot stop listening to recently for various reasons:

‘Say You’ll Haunt Me’ by Stone Sour

‘Lift Me Up’ by Five Finger Death Punch

‘Futures’ by Jimmy Eat World

‘Danza Kuduro’ by Don Omar/Lucenzo

‘The Outsider (Apocalypse Remix)’ by A Perfect Circle

Listen to these song they are AWESOME!