I loved Wolverine as a kid, the comics, the animated show, the toys. He was the coolest superhero. As I got older I found that it was the duality of Wolverine that made him such an appealing character to me, the fact that he came from darkness and rage but fought to control it and be a good man. He’s very human.

Then the atrocious Origins movie happened, I won’t go into detail on my opinions and Nerd Rage about it but let’s just say it was one of the worst movies for a Wolverine nerd to sit through, and I gave it several tries, I didn’t just see it once, I forced myself to try and enjoy it….I didn’t.

HOWEVER despite my reticence I went to see The Wolverine, and what a relief! I mean don’t get me wrong it’s not in the same league as Iron Man or The Dark Knight, but it’s still a thoroughly enjoyable Wolverine movie, even for the non-nerdy (took my girlfriend, she enjoyed it, could be the topless scenes, of which there are many)

The film takes place after X-Men:The Last Stand, Wolverine lives in the wilderness as a hermit, constantly tortured by his guilt at killing Jean. The film actually starts with a flashback to WW2 in which Wolverine saves a Japanese soldier. While walking through the wilderness Wolverine sees something that makes him angry, stuff happens and a mysterious girl asks him to come to Japan to meet with her employer, a very old man Wolverine once knew.

In Japan our dear Logan meets the soldier he saved, now a very old, sick man. This man ‘Yashida’ offers to take Wolverine’s powers away and make him human, and that’s when the film begins.

Violent, angry, weird, and done in a style I wasn’t quite sure of until halfway through The Wolverine is a great stand alone film. A huge sigh of relief.

More importantly: That end credits sequence……Ho…Ly……Fuck……